Now Accepting Nominations for Robbins Prize

Advanced Research Computing at Hopkins is now accepting PhD student and postdoc nominations for the Mark O. Robbins Prize until Friday, March 29th at 5pm. For more information about the prize and nomination process, please see below.The Mark O. Robbins prize was established in 2021 to commemorate the enduring legacy of the late Dr. Mark Robbins of the Department of Physics and Astronomy. This prize is intended to recognize graduate students and postdoctoral students who are producing exemplary work related to computational science and engineering.PhD and postdoctoral advisers are encouraged to nominate one PhD advisee and/or one postdoc student to be considered for this prestigious award. Advisers must provide a nomination letter for a student to be eligible; the student is responsible for submitting all other materials for prize consideration.The Robbins Prize also offers a Future Faculty Award, specifically geared toward those looking to incorporate high-performance research computing into their future career endeavors as a PI. Research advisers are invited to elect a future educator whom they believe will be transformative in facilitating HPC research.Two PhD students and one post-doc (Future Faculty) winner will be selected from among the candidates. Each winner will receive an award plaque and the opportunity to present their work at an ARCH-sponsored event in 2025. The Future Faculty winner will receive a generous allocation of compute hours at MARCC to aid their independent research. Winners will be announced later this spring.All nomination materials must be received by 5 p.m. on Friday, March 29th.More information about Dr. Robbins, the award, and the nomination process can be found here