Planned System Outage (Mon.) 4/24/2023 – (Sun.) 4/30/2023

Thank you for your patience

SOMNATH GHOSH TO CO-LEAD NEW NASA SPACE TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE (STRI) ​ Latest Posts Contractors will be performing facility wide maintenance beginning on April 24th. All Rockfish systems will be unavailable from April 24th at 12:01AM to April 30th at 12:01AM. During the maintenance, power to the facility will be intermittently offline in order to perform […]

Bluecrab Cluster Retiring

Bluecrab cluster retiring Latest Posts After 7.5 years of service, the Bluecrab Cluster will be retiring its compute resources as of June 7th 2022. Advanced Research Computing at Hopkins (ARCH) has deployed a new cluster called Rockfish. The Deans Office has contributed a condo to the Rockfish cluster so that PIs may resume their computation research. […]

Planned System Outage (Mon.) April 11th– (Fri.) April 15th​

Thank you for your patience

Planned System Outage (Mon.) April 11th– (Fri.) April 15th Contractors will be be performing an extended maintenance on our chiller system from April 11th at 7:00AM to April 15th at 5:00PM. It is necessary to complete this maintenance prior to the arrival of warm weather, and scheduling is subject to contractor availability.  The chiller will be offline […]