Access to Rockfish

All users should review the Rockfish Citizen pages prior to requesting an allocation or account on the Rockfish Cluster.

JHU Users:

  • Users at Johns Hopkins University should use the Coldfront Portal to request an account on Rockfish using their JHEDid E.G. “jsmith123”.
  • Using Globus to move files to/from Rockfish requires authentication via JHEDid. If the submitted user account name is different than your JHEDid, you will be unable to use Globus.

JHU Principal Investigators (PIs):

  • You can read more information about requesting an allocation here: Request an Account

Morgan State Users

  • Morgan State University PIs and users can also use the Coldfront Portal to request allocations and user account.


  • Rockfish is a Resource Provider (RP) level 2 for NSF’s Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Coordination Ecosystem: Services & Support (ACCESS) (previously XSEDE program).
  • ACCESS users should use the regular allocation process as described in the ACCESS portal.

External Users and Collaborators