Our Policies

OUR Policies

  1. ARCH accounts are to be used only for the person who requested the account.
  2. Accounts should not be shared.
  3. Every PI has a group allocation of space where members of the group can share data , if necessary.
  4. All users are strongly encouraged to conduct minimal tasks on the login nodes. Any extended testing should be done using the debug queue or an interactive session.
  5. Only “open data” is allowed on Rockfish (data that is not subject to any restrictions)
  6. Please see section on best practices to optimize resource utilization on Rockfish
  7. Allocations: Rockfish uses an allocation model based on resources. There are allocations for regular memory nodes (default), large memory nodes (bigmem), gpu nodes (a100) and a storage allocation. Allocations are granted based on proposals submitted, reviewed and availability of resources.  All allocations regardless of duration (number of quarters) will be granted on a quarterly basis and resets will be carried out every quarter. Rockfish uses a policy, “use it or lose it”. No allocations or portions of it can be roll over to the next quarter