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Hello ARCH & Rockfish Community,

In this newsletter for the week of June 12, 2023:

  • Training Sessions
  • Upcoming Rockfish Maintenance
  • Job Opportunities: Assistant Research Scientist
  • GPU Partitions
  • Research Profile: Professor Tamer Zaki
  • Best Practices on Resource Utilization
  • Tutorial of the Month: Loading R submodules in an R session

Read below for more details about our announcements.

Training Sessions

ARCH will be providing the following training sessions:

  1. Hands-on Introduction to Linux
        Date: Tuesday, June 20th 1-3PM
        Location: Bloomberg (P&A) 475
  2. Navigating the Rockfish Environment 
        Date: Thursday, June 22nd, 1-3PM
        Location:  Bloomberg (P&A) 475
  3. Python, OpenOnDemand, JupyterLab, R-Studio
        Date: Friday, June 23rd, 1:30-3:30PM
        Location: Bloomberg (P&A) 475

Attendance on premise is strongly recommended but session can be attended via ZoomPlease register for each session here

Upcoming Rockfish Maintenance:

All Rockfish Systems will be unavailable from August 1st at 9AM to August 2nd at 5PM

EDIT: Maintenance dates have been changed to Monday July 31st 8:00 AM EST and ending Wednesday August 2nd at 12:00PM EST.

Systems will be performing an operating system upgrade to Rocky Linux as CentOS is no longer supported.

We strongly recommend users to copy any data that may be needed during this downtime to an external device as access to Rockfish storage will not be available.

Job Opportunities: Assistant Research Scientist

Are you interested in joining the HPC workforce? As a Research Computing and Data Specialist (RCD) or Research Software Engineer (RSE) you will have plenty of opportunities to participate in innovative projects, establish collaborations with different research groups, support and enable cutting-edge research. ARCH has several openings at the assistant research scientist level. For more information:

GPU Partitions:

We have a new set of GPU nodes (Nvidia A100 80GB and 64 cores per node). These nodes are grouped into a new partition called “ica100”. If you want to make use of these new nodes use the flag “#SBATCH –partition=ica100”. If you do not care where your jobs lands use “#SBATCH –partition=a100,ica100”. Since the ica100 nodes have 64 cores billing is different (16 cpu-cores per each GPU requested).

Research Profile: Professor Tamer Zaki

Professor Tamer Zaki is a professor of Mechanical Engineering who focuses on transitional and turbulent flows. His research group, Johns Hopkins’ Flow Science and Engineering, capture detailed flow instabilities and turbulence through high fidelity simulations. Learn more about Professor Zaki’s work and how he uses Rockfish to create simulations here.

Best Practices on Resources Utilization:

View our guide on how to best estimate ‘job’ parameters to optimize resource utilization on Rockfish here

Tutorial of the Month: Loading R submodules in an R session:

For this month, we created a tutorial to guide you through the process of loading R submodules in an R session or R-Studio environment. View the tutorial here

Feel free to contact us for assistance on our services by submitting a help ticket on our website.

Thank you,